Principal Teaching Positions

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Violin Professor

Guildhall School of Music and Drama

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Principal Violin Teacher

The Yehudi Menuhin School


 Additional Teaching Projects

MusicSpace (also see Summer Course)

MusicSpace is a Cambridge UK based one week summer intensive study week culminating in a public performance. It is for advanced students looking for the opportunity to work directly with Akiko along with a community of other students who share a passion for making music.

The Summer 2016 Course was held at Fitizwilliam College.

For further information if you are interesting in attending the Summer 2017 course, please email Akiko directly to discuss at ono.akiko.vn@gmail.com.



MAIASTRAMaiastra name

Course Leader, MAIASTRA

“My task, with people who may never have played together before and with limited rehearsal time, is to encourage confidence in articulating ideas and to work towards the highest level of music making. The ‘living’ performance in which a group has the ability both to react and respond in the moment is the essence of chamber music for me”.